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Our Services

Manufacture of Furniture & Soft Furnishings

The DreamHome team have built up an enviable reputation for delivering exciting yet practical designs furniture, throw pillows, sleeping pillows, throw blankets, sleeping blankets, cushions, table covers, dispenser covers, kitchen mats, front door mats and curtains to complement any environment.

As a bespoke manufacturer, every item is designed and produced to our client’s exact specifications. We are happy to assist and advise on fabric choices and can create color boards to fit our clients’ briefs. Our skilled installers have many years of industry experience.

We promote long-term relationships with our customers and have completed installations for a considerable number of clients.

Manufacture of Home Fragrances

At DreamHome, we believe that one key to happiness is a positive state of mind. That is why we have curated beautiful home fragrances, in 23 exciting variants.

Comparable to the best anywhere in the world, DreamHome Scents are produced from the finest natural ingredients, intimately mixed to create the most pleasurable scent experience in any space.

Our blends contain potent oils to help balance emotions, diffuse unnecessary worries, and promote an uplifted state of mind and general wellbeing.

Artwork Sales

A space’s interior design is defined by its details. Of course, the furniture, color, and layout of every room must be cohesive and logical, but the smaller, often overlooked facets of design, including the selection of art are what really make a space unique and vibrant.

Considering the walls of your space as mere frames and dividing lines can lead to missed opportunities. While not every wall needs to be a gallery showcase, a piece of art that brings out certain shades and colors can utterly transform rather than simply decorate a room.

Get your unique and affordable artwork from us.

Interior Styling Consultancy

DreamHome provides client-centric services to you at all stages in the occupancy cycle through strategic planning and standards. We provide building appraisal and selection, detailed occupancy planning to post-occupancy evaluation. Interior fittings and furnishings are selected from an extensive network of suppliers to provide you with optimal choices. We undertake any type of occupancy or scale.

Our services are collaborative with you from the moment your need arises for a place to designing, managing authorities, execution, project management, technical co-ordination and successful handovers with warranties.

We ensure every project is delivered within your parameters of occupancy, time, budget and unique identity. Our designs are pragmatic yet deliver a wow effect with a unique identity.