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DH – 115ml Sachet (Lemongrass Sage)


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This cleansing scent is a blend of lemongrass and sage for an uplifting and rejuvenating highly scented fragrance. It is a citrus blend of lemon and lemongrass whispered with fresh ozone air, with hints of green leaves and floral notes of gardenia, lily and jasmine on a dry down of herbaceous sage and white musk.



Product Description

Our Satchet Fragrances have little packs that can be hidden in any, even the tiniest location, emitting the specified perfume intensely.

Adding our sachets to your shoe closet, underwear drawer, wardrobe, or bedside table, as well as on shelves between books or in your sports bag, is a great idea. You can put the fragrance packaging pouches in your suitcase or your car and carry them with you when you travel.

You may also use our sachets to freshen up common goods like your purse, handbags, school bags, laptop bags or backpack.

Our fragrance sachets are particularly well-suited to compact places, where the aroma may flourish. The aroma will be very delicate and mild if you leave them uncovered in a room with airflow. By storing them in tiny locations, such as a bag, laundry basket, or drawer, you can extend their life and increase the aroma’s potency.

One purchase you won’t regret, these scent satchets are a must have in every compact space.